Two new blog “series” – we’re all Study Abroad, all the time!

JY EcuadorHey everyone! My name is James Yin and I’m a member of the Gulliver Team. Just as a quick introduction, I gradutated from Yale in 2007 and I studied abroad in China for 2 summers.  I learned a lot about Chinese culture and a lot about myself, and a had a blast – so much so, in fact, that after college I went to work for PAX (, a Study Abroad program provider.  Then I reunited with my college friend James to start Gulliver – best.job.ever!

Andy and I are going to be running the Gulliver blog day to day, and we’ve decided to kick things off by starting up two long-term themes: “Adventures Abroad” and “Passport Control.”  “Adventures Abroad” will share epic stories of student adventures abroad. Stories will come from all over the world – whether it’s surfing in Liberia, searching for tree kangaroos in Papua New Guinea, or sneaking into ancient ruins in Peru, we’ve got it. This is where you’ll find stories of what people usually tell us not to do. But, as we here believe, we’re all the better for it. Like extreme alpinist Mark Twight says: “Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.” Amen to that!

“Passport Control,” on the other hand, is our current events section.  Here we’ll highlight news and happenings in Study Abroad.  What are the hot new destinations?  Which colleges are making it easiest for their students to go abroad…and which hardest?  How can you take advantage of new scholarships to go abroad cheaply?  “Passport Control” is your resource for all the nuts and bolts of an international education.

At the moment we’re looking to post frequently for both themes and have the occasional guest writer as well. I think we’ve put together an exciting first group of posts and I can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned . . .

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