Stay Healthy While Studying

It's better to avoid getting sick, even if the Pharmacies are this nice

It's better to avoid getting sick, even if the Pharmacies are this nice

With the swine flu constantly in the news, it’s a perfect time for Gulliver to discuss health related issues affecting students who are going abroad.  Staying healthy is extremely important.  After all, you can’t have a good time while you’re confined to bed.

Check out the tips below to keep healthy:

* Make sure you see your doctor, dentist, and eye doctor at least a month before your departure.  It’s far easier to be checked out by your own doctors than to struggle with language barriers with foreign physicians.

* Investigate your health insurance policies to make sure you are covered during your time abroad.  Most programs will require you to purchase health insurance – often it’s included in tuition.  If health insurance isn’t required, at the very least, check your current health care coverage.  It’s definitely a good idea to purchase student health insurance if your own plan won’t cover your time abroad.

* If you require any medication while abroad make sure to bring extra.  If you trip is a short one, you might consider bringing a full supply.  Make sure that you have your prescriptions with you since many countries will be suspicious if you are toting around lots of medication.

* If you wear glasses bring an extra set just in case you hang-gliding experience goes awry.  Similarly, if you wear contacts, bring some extra sets along with your glasses for backup purposes.

* A travel sized first aid kit is a good idea since you will most likely be touring your host country outside of your program.  This will cover the bumps and scrapes you’re likely to pick up along the way.

* Memorize your host country’s emergency numbers in case you need them.

* If you do get sick or require medical attention while abroad consult your program administrator.  They have plenty of experience directing students to medical care.

The best way to stay healthy and avoid problems overseas is to be proactive and preemptive.  Following these tips before you leave can go a long way to ensuring a fun and healthy summer or semester.

Futher information can be found on Gulliver’s Prepare to Go page.

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