Studying Abroad on a Budget: Finding Scholarships

Would you rather learn to Tango with some random guy in your Econ class or some attractive, Argentinean dancer?

Scholarships are Hiding... Like the Tower in Pisa

Scholarships Will Appear... Like the Tower in Pisa

If you chose the former, you need help. If you chose the latter, you’re normal. Where else can you get an authentic experience than in the native country? Granted, a trip to Argentina costs a bit more than a few Tango classes at the Rec Center, but imagine the adventure! What’s stopping you? Ah, right, money. The most common reason students don’t study abroad: Money. The American dream is to travel freely, without limitations. Well, these days money is a big concern. Still, program providers, universities, and private organizations are making an effort to help financially strapped students go abroad. While they might seem unattainable, there are plenty of scholarships available, you just need to do a little research to find them. Here at Gulliver we’ve got everything to help prepare for your big trip. There is no reason you can’t study abroad!

A few tips for finding scholarships or loans:

  • Start at home. Does your school sponsor the study abroad program you hope to attend? Then any financial aid you currently receive will most likely apply to any overseas expedition. Don’t get financial aid? No sweat. See what scholarships your school offers. Talk to your study abroad advisor first chance you get.
  • Contact your local heritage/ethnic organizations. For example, the Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) offers generous scholarships for students of Italian heritage who want to study in Italy.
  • NextStudent is a great resource for scholarships. Search by major, academic year, athletic/artistic skills, or your ethnic background. You’ll learn more about scholarships, private student loans, and federal student loans.

Most study abroad programs cost as much- if not less- than a semester at your home institution. If college is really about growth and experience, then coming up with money to study abroad is the best investment you could make. You will learn more on your international trip than you ever will daydreaming in your classroom. If you need help searching for scholarships for specific countries, check out our Prepare to Go section. If you’re still strapped for cash, then don’t splurge on the Italian leather shoes, drop the gelato, and sign up for one less Tango class.

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