A New Challenge for Students

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September always seems to arrive out of nowhere: Suddenly the leaves are crackling beneath your feet, the air quickly cools around 5 or 6 in the evening and the charming tune of ice cream trucks is replaced by the roar of yellow buses. In celebration of all that is autumn, specifically back-to-school, findingDulcinea has launched the On This Day Challenge.

This year, students will be reading, writing and researching online.

We’re asking students in grades 5-10 to write articles about important events in history, using the Web to dig up facts and pull together relevant sources. One of our main goals is to help students improve their online research skills; to that end, we’ll be offering guidance and sharing tips for evaluating the quality of Web sites on our new teacher tool, findingEducation.

FindingEducation also allows teachers and students to save and share their favorite Web sites, post assignments and connect with other classrooms around the globe. Teachers are invited to post their students’ completed On This Day articles to findingEducation for chances to win cash and gift cards, and potentially be featured on findingDulcinea.

Click here to read everything teachers need to know about getting involved in the On This Day Challenge. You’ll find a section on motivating students to participate, advice for writing and researching an On This Day article, tips for evaluating Web sites, an FAQ and more.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working to establish a vibrant community of learners on findingEducation. We’re excited to see how our new members mold the tool to meet their classroom needs. In the meantime, we’d love for you to spread the word about findingEducation and the On This Day Challenge, whether you’ve got teacher friends or are studying to be a teacher yourself.

Thanks in advance for your support, and happy studies!

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