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Study Abroad in Scandinavia!

Looking to study abroad but want to try somewhere different? How about Scandinavia?  From glaciers and volcanoes, to snowmobiles and the arctic waters- there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Visit any of the region’s five countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

These are a few ways to indulge in Nordic culture and history.

Alesund, Norway

Scandinavia Offers Impressive Views

Scandinavia Offers Impressive Views

Ever heard of Alesund, Norway? Maybe it’s time you discover this port town on Norway’s west-central coast. Destroyed by fire in 1904, the town was rebuilt in an Art Nouveau style of spires, turrets, and medieval romantic facades with gargoyles overlooking the town. Adventure seekers can explore nearby islands and peninsulas, including Runde and its 100,000 pairs of migrating puffins.  Be sure to check out Aksla, a scenic sanctuary offering a view of the fjord landscape.

Ride a Trolley through Sweden

Head to central Sweden for a 37-mile ride on the country’s historic Inlandsbana, or Inland Railway.  You can rent an old pedal-powered railway inspection trolley in Vansbro, and take it north on a 37 mile stretch of unused rail. The track—an 800-mile line- was built at the turn of the last century in an effort to open up the Swedish interior. The journey will take you past tranquil lakes,  pine forests, deer, black grouse, and capercaillie. It’s a once in a lifetime scenic adventure.

Catch the Northern Lights

Light Show in Norway

Light Show in Norway

Witness one of the world’s most amazing light spectacles.  The Northern Lights—characterized by Aristotle as resembling the flames of burning gas—can be witnessed only in the world’s polar regions.  So, head to Tromsv for the real deal. This picturesque Norwegian town is the best place in Scandinavia to watch the phenomenon.  What exactly are the Northern Lights? The eerie effect is caused by particles from the solar wind getting trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. The lights “turn on” when particles collide with the top layer of the atmosphere, creating the effect of glowing red, green, and blue neon flames that wave back and forth like a curtain in the sky. Pretty cool.

These are a just a few ideas. Go out and discover what Scandinavia has to offer!

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