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More Holiday Food for the Winter

Christmas Pudding Aflame

Christmas Pudding Aflame

Thanksgiving is behind us and the winter holidays are fast approaching.  I’m particularly looking forward to the traditional foods we see during the holidays and I’m willing to put up with the increased traffic and rushing masses in exchange for gastrointestinal bliss.  Study abroad students are in the enviable position of being able to experience the holidays overseas.  To our readers out there: try everything!  The Gulliver staff would eat themselves silly were they in your shoes.  Here are some delicious holiday (okay, mostly Christmas) treats from around the globe.

Christmas Pudding:
Also known as plum pudding, Christmas pudding is traditionally served on Christmas Day in England, but these days it can be found in many other countries, especially English speaking ones.  It’s a steamed pudding, made with dried fruits, nuts, and suet.  Before serving, it’s often doused in brandy and fired.  This is one of my personal favorites – I love eating Christmas pudding with hard sauce, a creamed sauce made with butter, sugar, vanilla, rum, and other flavorings.  If you have access to a pudding, definitely give it a try.

Aebleskiver ... I'm salivating already.

Aebleskiver ... I'm salivating already.

This Danish holiday dish sounds spectacular.  If you can find these traditional Danish spherical pancakes, you’re in for a treat.  I haven’t tried them before, but this year I’ll be on a mission to rectify that mistake.  They are described as being a cross between an American pancake and a popover, which can only end in greatness.  It can be served with mulled wine, a warm, spiced wine that also sounds delicious.

Buche de Noel:

The Buche is served in most francophone countries during Christmas season and is made to look like a log ready for the fireplace.  It’s usually made using a sponge cake that’s frosted, rolled into a log, and frosted again.  Chocolate is the main frosting flavor though there are other flavors to choose from.

Stollen is a German loaf-shaped fruitcake that’s usually eaten during Christmastime.  Stollen is by far my favorite of the holiday cakes and I never make it through the holidays without one.  Though called a cake, it looks like a loaf of bread with raisins, almonds, and spices inside.  Every year, Dresden hosts a Stollenfest, so if you’re thinking of visiting after checking out this week’s Newsletter, maybe this winter is the perfect time.

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