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Spook Yourself at These International Destinations

With Halloween right around the corner it’s fun to look at some of the world’s most “haunted” locations. Now don’t be surprised while studying or traveling abroad to discover the Day of the Dead is more celebrated than Halloween. In some locales it’s a national holiday. When I lived in Paris I spent the day after Halloween exploring the city’s celebrity, Père-Lachaise Cemetery. Here are some other disturbingly fun destinations.

Hike to Dracula's Castle

Hike to Dracula's Castle

Walachia, Transylvania, Land of Dracula

Unlock the history of the real Dracula. “Vlad the Impaler” ruled medieval Romania from 1448 until his death in 1476. He had a habit of punishing his enemies in unique ways, like driving stakes through their still-breathing bodies. Scholars believe the legend of Dracula arose because “Dracula” literally means “son of Dracul” in Romanian. Since “Dracul” is “Dragon,” young Vlad was the “son of the dragon” or “son of the devil.” For an unforgettable view, hike through the beautiful Transylvanian Alps. If you’re lucky, you might catch medieval villages and the ruins of once-proud castles, including Dracula’s Bran Castle.

Tower of London

Apparitions, rattling chains, and howling winter winds… eeriness awaits you at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Constructed 900 years ago, the Tower of London has served as a tourist attraction, a prison, and a site of execution for some of England’s royalty. Don’t lose your head like Henry VIII’s infamous second wife, Anne Boleyn. Keep your eye out for a chained Sir Walter Raleigh, who apparently still roams the Tower grounds. Check out the Bloody Tower, where legend has it English child-king Edward V and his brother Richard Plantagenet, duke of York, were murdered in 1483; and Devereux Tower, where George Plantagenet, duke of Clarence, supposedly drowned in a barrel of wine in 1478.

Explore the Unpredictable Vaults

Explore the Vaults at Your Own Risk

Underground Vaults, Edinburgh

Paris has its famous underground crypts, and far below the busy streets of Edinburgh, Scotland rest its forgotten city Vaults. Discovered in the mid-1980’s, the Edinburgh Vaults sat abandoned for nearly two hundred years beneath the South Bridge. These rooms were used as cellars, workshops, labs, and residences by the businesses that forged their trade on the busy South Bridge. The vaults were abandoned due to excessive water and poor air quality. The vaults remained unaltered, having never seen the light of day. Be careful! Visitors have reported significant drops in temperature and attacks by the unseen, which left them with bruises, cuts, and scratches.

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