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A Fall Journey Through Ireland

Toted as one of the best study abroad locations, the Emerald Isle is also one of the world’s most beautiful places to explore. I had dinner with relatives visiting from Ireland last week. My goal: to win them over.  My plan succeeded and I have been granted housing as soon as I can make it across the Atlantic. Call me crazy, but I love traveling during the fall and winter. The coolness in the air mixed with the warmth of the holidays. In Ireland, it doesn’t matter the time of year, you could have rain one moment and blue skies the next. Here are some great reasons to check out Ireland this fall.

County Cork & the Southwest

Find Hidden Treasures in Ballyvourney

Find Hidden Treasures in Ballyvourney

Cork is the largest county in the Republic of Ireland and home to the country’s second largest city. Visit Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney stone. Check out the picture perfect seaside town of Kinsale, just south of Cork City, with its quaint, narrow streets and abundance of gourmet restaurants. Capture Irish language and culture at its best in the small town of Ballyvourney, which borders County Kerry and is surrounded by forest and mountain landscapes. It’s also home to the holy well and burial mound of St. Gobnait. In Cork, stop and pay your respects to the monuments at Cobh Heritage Centre, which honor two ill-fated ships: the Titanic and the Lusitania.


Imagine seeing U2 in their hometown. The city that spawned the legendary rock band also stands as one of the most popular spots in all of Ireland. Visit Bunratty Castle; have a dinner with cabaret at the famed Abbey Tavern; enjoy a brewery tour and tasting at the Guinness Storehouse; or check out the Old Jameson Distillery. To continue the Nobel Prize hysteria, Dublin is the only city to honor three winners in the same category. William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, and Samuel Beckett all won the Literature prize.

Ireland's Coast Will Leave a Mark

Ireland's Coast Will Leave a Mark

Galway & the West

Want to get a taste for the West of Ireland? Start your travels in Galway! The fourth largest city in Ireland, Galway has retained much of its small town charm. It boasts a lively arts scene as well as a classic Irish culture. Don’t miss the Galway Aquarium, which houses 170 marine and freshwater species, including: seahorses, stingrays, sharks and the skeleton of a Fin Whale. You’ll also want to stop by the Claddagh Ring Museum. Maybe you’ll find one home for a special someone back home. Ireland is known for its amazing views of the Altantic Ocean, so don’t miss the spectacular sights from the Cliffs of Moher

The list goes on but you get the picture.

Want to Study Abroad? Start Now!

With the new school year almost in full swing, it’s time to start investigating study abroad programs at your college or university. This can be daunting. You’ll need to consider where you want to go; what you want to study; how long you want to go abroad; how you’ll fund your trip; and whether you’ll be able to transfer credit. It might seem overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of resources to make the process go smoothly.


Talk to your campus advisors. If you’re serious about going abroad, learn how your travel will impact your major. See if you can transfer credit back to your home institution. If there are problems with going abroad during the school year, consider a summer abroad or short term program during the fall or winter. Short term programs often consist of a month abroad in September, January, or May.

Study Abroad and Experience a New Life

Study Abroad and Expand Your Horizon

Study Abroad Fair

Attend your campus study abroad fairs. Obviously you’re not going abroad this fall, but check out winter, spring, and summer programs. Get an idea of what programs are offered. Check out the brochures and put together a list of questions- if you can’t ask them on the spot then visit your campus study abroad center.

Study Abroad Center

Every campus has some type of Center for International Studies or Study Abroad Office. It might consist of one person or a myriad of consultants. It’s worth checking out. You’ll find pamphlets on prospective programs, receive information on housing, funding options, and programs offered by your major or school.


If you haven’t already figured out, Gulliver is a one-stop site for everything related to study abroad. Want to study film in Prague? Check out these programs. Want to go to Australia? Ireland? China? We cover programs in more than 70 countries. Search programs offered by providers like CIEE (Center for International Educational Exchange), CEA (Center for Education Abroad), or IFSA- Butler. You can also search by your own university, area of study, language, and time of year. Find out information on any program by selecting the “get info” tab and filling out a free registration card. Search as much as you want. Don’t commit until you find the right program for you! When you do select your program, check out our Prepare to Go section for all the information you need about funding, housing, travel, and money for the country of your choice.

Choosing to study abroad is the hard part… planning the trip should be fun and easy!

Summer Adventures: International Sports Culture

One thing you’ll discover while studying abroad or traveling: sports is a way of life.  This weekend I joined thousands of people in San Francisco, California to watch the AVP beach volleyball championships. Although it does not attract the following of say baseball or football, it does get the adrenaline flowing. As you travel through different countries you’ll discover a wide range of sports that excite locals. Here are a few to keep in mind.


We all know football/soccer is the biggest sport in England, along with rugby, golf, and tennis (ever heard of Wimbledon?).  If you really want to know the British culture, however, learn the ethics of Cricket. The sport is played on village greens and in towns/cities most Sundays from April to August. In Britain, sports are not only a popular leisure activity, but also an important part of life.

Judo Attracts Adults and Youth Alike

Judo Attracts Adults and Youth Alike

Japan/Martial Arts

An increasing number of Major League Baseball players today come from Japan. One of the countries most cherished sports, however, is Martial arts. Traditional practices include judo, kendo, karate-do, and aikido, which thrive in modern Japan. Judo, which literally means “the gentle way,” officially established itself as an Olympic event in the 1964 Games. Kendo (Japanese fencing) also attracts a loyal following.


Australians love rugby, cricket, and Martial arts. Secondary sports include soccer, swimming, and cycling. Surrounded by a beautiful coast, water sports, like rowing have risen in popularity. Rowers use carbon boats of all styles and sizes. Rowing has grown both recreationally and competitively on the Gold Coast and in other Australian cities. The Australian Rowing Team is currently in Poland, preparing for the 2009 World Rowing Championships from August 23rd-30th.

Hurling Attracts Most Irish Faithful

Hurling is Not a Dainty Sport


Although Gaelic football and polo have gained notoriety around the world, hurling remains one of Ireland’s most traditional sports. Hurling started as a rivalry between neighbouring clans and villages over 2,000 years ago. The object of the game: players use a wooden stick called a “hurley” (pronounced “camán” in Gaelic) to hit a small ball (“sliotar“) between the opponents’ goalposts.  The game is mentioned in ancient folklore about Irish giants and heroes and is today considered the world’s fastest field team sport in terms of game play.

What are some other ‘can’t miss’ sporting events?

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