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Keeping a Low Budget Airline Cheap

Good deals are hard to come by when traveling abroad. Flying from Paris to Dublin? Before you look at regular priced fares consider a budget airline like Ryan Air or EasyJet. Last week I bought a flight for €3. I rubbed my eyes several times before realizing it wasn’t a dream. But, alas, there were several catches. Obviously a €3 flight is a great discovery in Europe… and it’s a steal, if you play your cards right.

Boarding Pass

Baggage Restrictions are Set in Stone

Baggage Restrictions are Set in Stone

In the world of E-tickets, everyone prints their boarding pass ahead of time. On Ryan Air you can check in anywhere from 4 hours up to 15 days before your flight. Check in as soon as you can and print your ticket. It’s required. If you show up at the airport without a boarding pass you can kiss your cheap flight goodbye. You will be charged. Save money, time, and print that pass as early as possible.

Arrive Early

Budget airlines advise arriving two hours early, but in all honesty, it’s not a recommendation, it’s a requirement. Checking baggage and going through security and customs could take upwards to two hours depending on the time of day and crowd. Boarding often begins an hour before takeoff and cuts off a half hour before takeoff. Sprinting to the airport at the last minute will probably cost you an arm and a leg… and your flight.


When a budget airline gives you a baggage limit – leave extra room. Say goodbye to the generous 50-pound limit allowed in the US. You’ll need to keep your luggage below 25 pounds. These international airlines are low cost, but easily make up the difference in baggage fees. Ryan Air allows up to 15 kilograms for checked luggage and 10 kilograms for one carry-on item. There’s no leniency. I did not weight my bag before the flight and it cost me an additional €70 euro. Don’t sneak a second carry-on. Even a point and shoot camera hiding in your pocket will render grimaces. If you think you’re checked bag weighs more than 15 kilograms (33 pounds), you’re probably right. Check another bag before you go to the airport! If you arrive at the check-in counter and your bag is any size over 15 kg, you’ll dish out €20 per extra kilogram- or surrender your flight. Although checking a second bag looks expensive when booking your flight, you’ll pay twice as much if you make changes at the airport. You’ll enjoy your trip a lot more if you don’t try to get around these baggage restrictions.

Taxes and Fees

Spend Your Money on More Important Things

Spend Your Money on More Important Things

If you’re flexible with your travel dates and times, you’ll most likely find a fare without any taxes or fees. Take advantage. There’s no catch. Just remember to follow the baggage restrictions.

Bottom Line- Low cost airlines are great. You just need to be ready before you get to the airport. If you’re considering buying another French wine… consider this, that wine will weigh a fourth of your required check-in weight.

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