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Getting Around While Abroad

You’ve just arrived in a new country and can’t wait to explore the city.  One problem, how do you get to town? When I arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport this morning, the first thing I worried about (besides the exchange rate) was how to get across town. My fears quickly subsided when I discovered London’s convenient Underground Metro system. Normally I try to save a few bucks and walk everywhere. Not only is it good exercise, but it’s a great way to acclimate oneself to a new city. There are some places, however, where it’s worth your while to hop on public transportation. Not only will it cut down your travel time, but some stations have a pretty interesting history.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin offers one of the most efficient public transportation systems. Whether you stay a day, a week, or a month it’s easy to take a city bus, the metro (U-Bahn) or the commuter rail system (S-Bahn). Staying a few days? Consider buying a 7 day transit pass. Or the 24 hour or 48 hour Welcome Card. Two-zone passes are required to travel between the Berlin city centre and either Tegel or Schonefelt Airport.

London, England

London's Underground: A Comfortable Way to Travel

London's Underground: A Comfortable Way to Travel

Face it, London is big. You can walk your heart out, but you’ll never cover the entire city. If you really want to get a taste for the different districts, hop on the Underground Tube. It will take you anywhere. For starters, it’s the cheapest way to get from Heathrow Airport to most destinations around London. Your best bet: purchase an Oyster card (at metro stations or grocery stores) for about three pounds and then add money to it. Each time you take the Underground or local buses swiping the Oyster card will automatically deduct money for the ride. During off peak hours (between 9:30am and 430pm) you’ll save nearly 50% off regular cash paying rates.

Moscow, Russia

Need to get somewhere on time? Take the Moscow Metro. Considered the most “precise” subway in the world, the Moscow Metro is a marvel of efficiency, speed, and beauty. 8.2 million passengers pass through the metro daily, making it the second busiest rapid transit system in the world. An added bonus, each subway station features ornate socialist realist architecture worthy of being featured in a museum.

Paris, France

Even the Paris Metro is a Work of Art

The Paris Metro is a Work of Art

Paris is known for it’s artistic influence, love, beauty, baguettes… and metro stations. The Paris Métro is the second oldest subway system in the world, and offers the best city coverage. Each station is only about 500 meters apart. You’ll save if you buy metro tickets in bulk. Some of the Métro stations are worth a visit in their own right. For starters, the Métro’s Art Nouveau entrances are iconic symbols of Paris. Abbesses station (Montmartre) features murals alongside its spiral staircase leading to one of the two original Art Nouveau entrances. The Louvre Museum stop has marble walls lined with exhibits and replicas of art, with glass cases containing various sculptures. The Varenne stop displays exhibits from the nearby Rodin Museum (including a replica of The Thinker). Can’t get to where you want to go via Métro? Just take a bike!

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s public transportation system is massive. The transit system combines a light rail, ferry, bus, and the famous, and privately owned, subway lines of Tokyo. Needless to say, if you want to get anywhere in Tokyo, you can do it via public transport. You might just have to shuffle from line to line, to do so. If you’re staying for a couple days and want to see touristy sights, check out the Tokyo value tickets.

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