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What do you do after Study Abroad? Work Abroad?

So you spent a semester studying abroad in Japan your Junior year and you loved it.  To continue your international aspirations, you convinced yourself that you really wanted to study abroad in London for the spring semester.  Frankly, England really got you going and you wanted nothing more than to find a job and stay there.  But bad news, you’re not even done

Yes! But now what?

Yes, Study Abroad! But what about after?

with college, so you have no choice but to return to the US for your senior year.  One senior thesis, eight classes, and a diploma later, you’re dying to go back to London but the tedium of your immigration status has left you in a state of depression while the prospect of returning looks bleaker and bleaker.

While I personally didn’t have the wanderlust of the tale above, nor a desire to permanently abandon the US ship, I did entertain the notion of working abroad before I started working for GulliverGo.  This is when my story and the fictional story met a crossroads.  How do I get there?  I’m recently out of college and I’m ready to go, but where do I start looking?  Unlike searching for study abroad programs, finding work abroad companies and programs is less centralized. You can’t just walk into a university’s international education office and have immediate access.  There aren’t individuals nearby who can give you feedback on programs and providers.  A bit more effort is in order.

While perusing for myself, I found a few cool sites and programs that sparked my interested.  While not a comprehensive list, it might point you in a good starting direction and give you an idea of what you want (or don’t want).  Take a look:

Princeton in Asia – A few people I know used this program to find positions in Asia.  Some positions involve teaching English, but there are others in journalism, international development, and business as well.

Yale-China Association – I also know a few participants in Yale-China programs.  These programs are mostly service oriented and all are located (as you can tell from the name) in China.

British Universities North America Club – This organization provides participants with the opportunity to live, work and travel overseas for 6 months.

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